Thursday, August 13, 2009

Favorite Takeout Place

Que seRaw seRaw in Burlingame is our favorite little takeout place. Everything here is made from whole, fresh organic plant foods (vegan) and prepared in tasty, creative ways to preserve nutrients and enzymes (nothing is heated above 118 degrees). The owner Alicia and her staff are welcoming and eager to let you have taste samples if you want. Everything we have tried we have liked and friends that I have brought here are pleasantly surprised how much they like the food. They serve take away only, so plan to bring a sack (bring your own) or do as we do and enjoy your meal outside just a few steps away from their shop where there are tables and chairs and benches to choose from.

We had lunch here yesterday and ordered Beet Salad, Ceasar Garden Burger Salad, Lemon Cheesecake, Key Lime Strawberry Shortcake and Peach Sorbet. The beet salad was bursting with flavors from beets, apples, ginger and mint tossed in a little oil and vinegar. I had this and it was so refreshing. I couldn't resist trying the Key Lime Strawberry Shortcake which had a crust that I can't remember all the ingredients of but did include zucchini, the Key Lime cream was made with avocado and vanilla and agave nectar and lime (so delicious!) and it really worked -- the flavors and textures were just like strawberry shortcake but with the twist of lime! Was I eating dessert or my veggies? -- both :) so delicious and so good for me too. The peach sorbet was made (they make it themselves) from only fresh peaches! So sweet naturally you don't need the sugar that store bought sorbets add. My husband had the Ceasar Garden Burger Salad and the Lemon Cheesecake and enjoyed them as usual -- he usually can't resist the Chocolate Cheesecake, but yesterday went for the lemon -- it was such a warm day the lemon was perfect. We always come away feeling satisfied and refreshed.

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  1. love the flavor combinations and gives me ideas for my own meal preparations