Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines from the Universe

Wow! What a beautiful bouquet of flowers I have been blessed with!
Many (many, many!) years ago I first noticed what our locals call "tulip trees" blooming in people's yards and I fell in love with them! I wished for all my might that one day I would have one so that I could gaze on its beauty often rather than just a quick glimpse as I rode past and spied one out the window of a car.
As the years went by this tree stayed on my mind and more so when they came into bloom (generally around January/February where I live). Then as life's journey twisted this way and that we were led to buy the house we live in now. We were looking for a duplex and this was the only one that was available at the time and it had the basic requirements we needed so we grabbed it. It was only a 2 bedroom so our son got the cedar paneled bedroom (now my KaratStix workshop) and our daughter got the bedroom that we now use (we used to use the space intended for a dininig room as our bedroom). When we first looked at the house, we didn't know really what was planted in the yards -- it was the weekend after Thanksgiving in 1997 and the tenants were present so we quickly glanced at the layout and size of rooms and the yards were not so important. I did not know that the little bare tree in the corner of the backyard was a tulip tree until we moved in 3 months later.
As I laid in bed on the morning of Valentine's Day this is the view out my window -- I couldn't help but think of the wish I had so many, many years ago and how my life's journey has brought about fulfillment. It was the love of my husband and his children that led me to where I am today and made it possible for me to receive this beautiful, enduring gift. Thank you God and thank you Mr. Snyders and family for loving me! I love you all so much :).

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