Monday, May 16, 2011

New Counter's Rule

I have been thinking a long time about making something to track my knitting with.  I have used all the really cool tools out there -- the counters that slip onto your straight needles and have little dials to increment the numbers (however I don't use straights that much); the cool beaded bracelets that look beautiful as well as help you keep count of your rows, and many others.  I still end up laying a paper pad on the table next to me even though I have a half dozen different tools.   Well, I decided to come up with something that wasn't as portable as other counters out there, but suits my style of knitting -- I like to knit from charts a lot.  Now I can track my rows and my stitches and how many pattern repeats and have something much nicer to look at than my messy pad -- and it is made from bamboo and won't waste paper, so saves trees.  The size is large -- 6" across and just a little over 5.25" high. 
The pegs fit nicely into the holes -- the rings are anodized aluminum and come in a variety of colors so make cheerful, easy to hold pegs.  Yes, if you tip it over some of the pegs could fall out.

So what do you think?  I'm wondering if other people would find this tool useful too.  How about those of you who crochet?  I crochet too and think this would work for that as well, but would love to find out what crocheter's think. 


  1. Hi Karen, I love your work. It's very original& adorable too. I love your knit counter, but I'd loose those little pegs. Have you thought about attaching them with some colored waxed cotton or hemp string? You could remove the jump rings and tie the string to the pegs at one end and the corner hole at the other.-Jennifer

  2. Thanks, Jennifer! I love your suggestion and will make one up like that right away to give it a test -- might look cool too like tassles and beads hanging from the corner holes -- wasn't crazy about the large lobster clasps and hooking and unhooking the peg rings from them.

  3. This is a great idea, and if it had a magnetic back with differently-metaled pegs, would be less likely to lose pegs, and perhaps be a bit more portable. Also, with small folding feet on the top end, it could be viewed at an angle. Love the concept.