Thursday, July 23, 2009

How KaratStix Came To Be, Part 3

So finally a prototype was finished after returning to the drawing board a few times and this was the result - almost 8 inches long and 4 inches wide, with a 2 inch stitch gauge at one end and a 6 inch ruler along one side and the metric ruler along the other. A lot of metric and US holes, and I had to put some sort of design on there, but this one isn't my own art -- that came later. I did sell a few of these to a store in Half Moon Bay, along with lots of my buttons. Fengari is wonderful little knitting shop in downtown Half Moon Bay. I haven't had time to stop in there in a long time so don't know if they have any buttons left.

This design evolved into today's Crafter's Rule. You can see more of my designs in my Etsy shop and at my Flickr page.

I had some other ideas too, some may still evolve into something. So now I had some wares to sell and I went around to knitting shops in my local driving distance and had success at the first three stores. I always called first to set up an appointment. Some stores weren't interested. I'm relieved now that they weren't as it pushed me to look for other ways to sell my wares and so I considered the internet. I had heard of Etsy from a forum I had visited on the internet which had also inspired me, and so I studied Etsy, opened an account and finally in the middle of December 2007, exactly a year to the day after I had left my day job, I posted my first listings and within 24 hours had my first Etsy sale!

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