Saturday, July 25, 2009

A little respite

My working days are usually busy and I manage to work 7 days a week, but Saturday mornings I always visit my elderly parents who live about 15 minutes away. When I return, my husband and I sometimes go out on errands and grab a bite to eat. Today we decided to take a drive to Half Moon Bay. I love the name of that town! We live on the peninsula that separates San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean and it is just a 20 minute drive over the hill to the coastal town of Half Moon Bay. It is often foggy there during the summer months of June and July and today it appeared (we can usually see the fog as it rises up above the hills) that it was either not foggy there or at least partly sunny so we ventured over the hill to the coast.

Yes, there was fog, but for the most part it was high and mostly over the water, not so much in town. Those black dots are surfers in wet suits -- the water is cold in this part of California. We stopped at a little cafe and ate our lunch outside and then I popped into a rather new yarn shop, "Princeton Yarns" just to browse. I wasn't shopping as I already have plenty of yarn in my stash and projects on my needles -- which there isn't a lot of time to indulge in anyway :).

Next we stopped at a place called New Leaf Market, which is similar to a Whole Foods market. We had not stopped there before so I wanted to see what they had and I bought some new products -- have you ever seen green granola??? Well I never had either and it is wonderful and very good for you too. The brand is Living Intentions and the ingredients include organic buckwheat sprouts, local blackberry honey, organic coconut, organic golden raisins, raw brown rice bran and germ (grain free), organic sunflower sprouts, organic banana, organic sesame seed, green protein superfood blend (organic hemp protein powder, organic spinach powder, organic spirulina, chlorella, organic alfalfa leaf and organic dandelion leaf), organic vanilla and Himalayan crystal salt. We nibbled on this as we drove home and both my husband and I enjoyed it. I will definitely be stopping to pick up more of that in the future.

Then it was back home and back to work in my studio.

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