Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I knew it had been awhile since I had done my last blog, but I didn't realize that it had been the day before my mother passed away. I have noticed some changes in my life these past 6 weeks, which may be unnoticeable to most everyone else -- a new sense of life and living and loving. I find myself reading about spiritual things, considering learning to meditate, and wanting to find ways to fit some quiet, alone time in to the beginning/ending of my day.
There was a baby layette, just about finished, that she had been crocheting for someone's baby. I somehow knew that I was supposed to finish this project and send it to the intended family. Tonight I finally finished crocheting the little afghan -- the only item in the set that wasn't finished . Tomorrow I'll finish off the ends and sew on the ribbons and buttons and send it all off to my cousin in Canada -- it was meant for her grandson's baby who is now over 2 months old. But there will be more babies, and just maybe this little set will still fit the intended recipient -- at least the afghan can keep him warm in his stroller or crib. My mother taught me to crochet when I was little and as I worked away at the little blanket I could no longer tell where my mother's work ended and mine began -- she had stopped when the blanket was about a quarter finished. It seems so appropriate that my mother would have been making something for a brand new life when her life ended -- and that she made sure that someone (me) would be able to finish it for her by having taught me when I was a child how to crochet like her. I think it was just meant to be this way -- such a beautiful, meaningful message in such a simple aha moment today :). My mother travelled around the sun 79 times in this life and blessed many people with gifts from her hands and heart. I am grateful to have learned from her also about giving and living and loving, besides crocheting.

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